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P e d a g o g y

"Teach the student, then Music, then the piano" -Frances Clark

Quality over quantity

I teach musicians ages 4 through adult, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.  The studio is kept on the small side to maintain the highest possible level of quality and individual attention.

Development of artistry

At all levels, I facilitate the development of informed expressive artistry by guiding students to approach every element of music as opportunity to explore something. A lot of this is accomplished via questions and musical experiments. Artistry is the result of exploration, not obedience.

Development of musical cognition

Being able to "think in the language of music" is the difference between imitation and ownership. Based on the work of music education researcher Dr. Edwin Gordon, I teach a sequenced curriculum in tonal solfège and rhythmic solfège. Among other things, these are the skills that allow me to listen to a movie soundtrack or pop song and play it back, despite being predominantly a performer of classical repertoire. 

Early childhood side-by-side teaching

Students age 4-7 need parental assistance to practice as taught during the lesson. Therefore, at that age, I teach the parent alongside the student during the lesson (or better yet, have the student teach their parent!), so that the parent can be an effective home practice coach, which is what is necessary for the young student to succeed.

Adjustment based on needs and goals of each student

I have a sequenced curriculum of skills  in areas such as rhythm, technique, theory, musical cognition, improvisation, ensemble playing, and stylistic knowledge, but ultimately, this is the student's journey, and my first priority is to adjust to their needs and goals. My mantra here is the Frances Clark quote at the top of this page.

Specialty in technique

I have spent years studying and teaching the Taubman approach, and have a strong background in helping advanced musicians find comfort and virtuosity at the piano to overcome injuries and limitations, as well as gradually nurturing a strong technique in young beginners.

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